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Andrew KingAndrew King
SubLevel Kenpo – US East Coast Director

Andrew King began training in Kenpo at the age of 10. After earning his black belt at 17, he began to supplement his training with other martial arts and Kenpo lineages. In 1996, Andrew had the great fortune to meet Dr. Chapél at the first AKKS Camp. It didn’t take him long to appreciate the depth of information within SubLevel FourTM and acquire a thirst to learn more. Shortly afterward, he made his first trip out to M.S.U. Since that time, he has been an avid student of Dr. Chappél’s and SubLevel Four KenpoTM.

Mr. King restarted the Kenpo Club at The Ohio State University originally founded by Jay T. Will and ran it until his graduation. Also, Mr. King helped run the oldest and longest running martial arts store in Central Ohio, allowing him to travel to many seminars and tournaments and to interact with a variety of martial artists on a daily basis. Recently, Mr. King became the Kenpo Division Leader for the Arnold Fitness Expo, which is held annually in Columbus, Ohio.

In 2009, Mr. King began regularly teaching in the Central Ohio area, making it the only other place in the United States besides M.S.U. where you can receive SubLevel Four KenpoTMtraining.