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Brad Bode


Associate Director – Public Relations

Brad Bode has combined art and science both professionally and as a hobby since he was a young man. His undergraduate degree in Film & Video was followed by a Masters in Computer Science. While many people see his degrees as polar opposites, Brad believes that the root of science is in creativity.

Since obtaining his masters degree, Brad has worked in aerospace as an Research and Development Software Architect designing large computer systems that help solve hard problems. Simultaneously Brad wrote numerous screenplays, two of which were turned into feature films.

Ever the entrepreneur Brad left Aerospace to start the software division of an oil and mining services company. His software currently monitors the U.S. Oil Reserves storage caverns and provides early warning should a collapse be eminent.

He is currently working as a founder and CTO of a startup called Atlas Space Operations, that aims to provide affordable access to satellite data via large aperture antennas on the ground.

His passion for the martial arts began at a young age with Shotokan Karate, followed by Tae Kwon Do, Kenpo Karate, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. In 2002 Brad met and began studying under Dr. Chapél and has studied consistently ever since. Supplementing his martial training with competitive gymnastics also taught Brad how proper movement can effect performance.

His primary interest lies in power development through all phases of physical movement. Additionally Brad experiments with all forms of physical activity, such as movement training, Indian clubs, mace bells, kettle bells, body weight training, and anything new and exciting to enhance his martial bio-mechanical activities. Brad is a husband and father of two beautiful children.