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Dominic Jones

PastedGraphic-1Dominic Jones received his undergraduate degree in Applied Geology with Law and worked as an environmental geological consultant in England. Continuing his professional development, he earned the Chartered Geologist professional qualification. Professor Jones immigrated to Japan in 1999, and switched careers to become an English Educator and Teacher Trainer in K12 education. After earning a Masters of Education in Applied Linguistics in 2006 he concentrated on teaching in tertiary education. He was also a businessman in Japan whose company owned a nightclub and a language school. He continues in a consultancy role for entrepreneurs.

As a tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Business Career, at Sendai Seiyo Gakuin College in Japan, he is responsible for the English program. As well as teaching classes, his research areas are Martial Science, Comprehension Based Instruction, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Modeling. He has published multiple academic papers, and has presented at national and regional education conferences in Japan including a TEDx Tokyo Teachers Lecture on Martial Science Education. He has taught Martial Science Workshops in England, Ireland, America, and Japan.

He started learning the martial arts in 1989 and has continued to study and teach the Martial Arts ever since. He studied with the British Kenpo Karate Union under Bob Rose and Kevin Mills until 2013 and earned a Fourth Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate. In 2001 he began his Martial Science Study with Dr. Chapél and earned his First Degree Black Belt in SubLevel Four Kenpo Concepts in 2014. He is interested in the design of empowerment self-defense courses and traditional Samurai Martial Arts of Japan.