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Dr. Daniel Stone

Daniel StoneDr. Daniel Stone is an internationally traveled hypnotherapist and coach. He continues to develop new and innovative therapies for the mind and body. Formally trained as a Hypnotherapist (Stage, Street and Therapeutic), Chiropractor, Reiki Master, Certified NET practitioner, ASH fellow and NLP practitioner. He has worked with athletes in the Jr. Olympic program; high school athletic programs and professional sports.
He regularly connects with clients all over the world. He is a frequent speaker on Accelerated Mind-Body Performance (AMBP) at colleges and health events. His company Radiance Mastery helps people lead and live better lives everyday. His expertise in both the mind and body allow him to develop the Martial Science University Students, and bring about a deeper understanding of the material and an increased level of performance.  
Additionally, Dr. Stone has trained extensively in wrestling, BJJ, Karate, power lifting, injury prevention and biomechanics, in addition to being a student of Dr. Chapél through the Martial Science University.