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Dr. Ron Chapél’s American Chuán-fa Seminar in Salinas, California



  1. Melvin Muhammad says:

    Would be inter dyed in purchasing DVD of such event

    • I’m sorry Mr. Muhammad but we did not record any of the event. I hope you are the boys are well sir. Long time no see.

      • Melvin Muhammad says:


        Indeed it is the nfortunate there will be no recording of the event. The boys are doing fine. The two oldest are working, the youngest sophomore in high school with 3.98 GPA. Aquil Ike middle child & Shodan is finishing up jr college, headed to UNO. For me Sir since my injury in 2014, I have not faired too well. Rehabilitation has been tough. Tough in the fact that I have not taught nor regained my desire to train with Steiner. I am conflicted in continuing with him. It’s just I mental thing I guess. Non the less decesion time approaches. I will start acupuncture on the 12th hoping & praying this can resolve the nerve issue I suffer from in the left side of my body. Steiner has suggested that I train exclusively in sub-level, this would increase my confidence and improve my structure at the same time. Doc to be completely honest I have not engaged my desire to continue because of the constant pain & depression. The depression I am working on, the pain I am living with, the desire is my struggle.

        Thank you for listening,

        Melvin Muhammad

  2. Melvin Muhammad says:


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