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Marcus Moore

Associate Director, Digital Media & Webmaster

Marcus has numerous interests in the field of educational research. He earned Associate of Arts degrees in Music, Liberal Arts, and Transfer Studies from Allan Hancock College, as well as a Certificate in Sound Technology. From the University of California at Santa Barbara, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy; and simultaneously studied classical composition with Dr. Earl Louis Stewart, Hindustani Classical Music with Dr. Scott Marcus and African-American Gospel Music with Mr. Victor Bell. The study of music and language are intertwined in Marcus’ educational efforts; he has studied classical and Semitic languages as well as Christian theology at Westminster Seminary, California. Additionally, his educational endeavors led him to study the arts and sciences using a technique called polyliteracy, where studies include philosophy, science, history, and imaginative literature read as much as possible in the originating language. The arts and sciences continue to motivate Marcus, maintaining membership in the Dao Li Jiao society for the study of Chinese philosophy. His career of the last ten plus years has been in the Information Technology field, specializing in web marketing and including skills such as systems administration, technical support, programming, and web development.

Marcus’s martial arts/sciences career was initiated by his father who taught him close quarters combat including basic weaponry skills. Encouraged by his father’s example, Marcus briefly studied Hap Do Sool until suffering an unrelated injury which forced him to seek alternate training. He continued studying with his father, and began training in various Chinese arts including Ten Routine Tan Tui, Northern White Crane, Mizongquan, Seven-Star Preying Mantis, Xingshenquan, Xingyiquan, Taijiquan, and Baguazhang with Mr. Antonio McLaughlin, eventually earning a 1st Degree Black Belt in Ching Yi Kung Fu under Mr. McLaughlin. As with his educational background, Marcus continued his martial education studying Muay Thai with Mr. Michael Rayas and Chinese Kenpo, Kickboxing, and Grappling with Mr. James Parson of the International Karate Connection Association. His training included Olympic Fencing with Mr. Tim Robinson, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Dr. Bernard Weinstein, Gungaku with Natori-Ryū, Northern Preying Mantis Kung Fu with Dr. Mark VanSchuyver, Shorin-Ryu Karate under Senseis Stanley Lara-Keller and Travis Seay at Pro-Am Martial Arts Academy and Wing Chun under Sifu Rosu Ionut Bogdan. He is a member of the Warachai Thai Boxing Association, Jeet Kune Do Principles, the World Taiji Boxing Association and a supporting member of the Disability Karate Federation.

Marcus began training with UMASDA under Steve Zalazowski and was promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt in Chinese Kenpo under Mr. Zalazowski in 2011; Marcus continues to study the AMS™ CORE system and Taijiquan today under the supervision of Mr. Fernando Avalos and all of the instructors at UMASDA.

In August of 2015, Marcus was named the Assistant Webmaster for the Martial Science University™ under Dr. Ron Chapél, directly reporting to Mr. Zalazowski. In January 2016 Marcus was promoted to Associate Director, Digital Media and Webmaster for MSU, with responsibilities including web marketing, design, deployment, and maintenance of the MSU Online family of websites, and creative design for various projects as is assigned by either Dr. Chapél or Mr. Zalazowski.

More information about Mr. Moore can be found on his website.