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Martial Science University Open American Chúan Fa – SubLevel Tactical Kenpo Camp for 2017

I am pleased to announce the dates for the Martial Science University Open American Chúan Fa – SubLevel Tactical Kenpo Camp for 2017. Scheduled for Sunday February 26th through Saturday March 4th. 

The last few years have been very successful in drawing participants from as far away as Europe and Japan, and commitments have already been made for attendance from those groups and more. Each year we get a little bigger and hopefully a little better. This year is special to me because it allows me to actually celebrate my one time elusive 70th Birthday with family, friends, and students.

This year in Camp our Outreach and Affiliate Instructors will be showcased along with our regular staff instruction. With commitments from Andrew King from Ohio, “Big Game” James Lee from New York, Shaw Steiner and Dave Carley from Nebraska, Dominic Jones from Japan, Steve Zalazowski from Salinas, and others yet to commit, it insures a diverse experience. These gentlemen are all extremely talented and they will all be teaching various disciplines to show and share the depth and diversity of skills and knowledge found within our University ranks from many styles. And of course, you will get the usual dose of my own instruction.

Held locally in Southern California and as always, opening with our “Meet & Greet Dinner” on Sunday the 26th in the evening at the Won Kok Restaurant in Los Angles Downtown Chinatown. Located around the corner from Ark Wong’s and down the block from Bruce Lee’s original school locations, and a favorite late night spot of Mr. Parker and students, we continue the tradition. 
“Locals” and others who would like to only attend the dinner are of course always welcome. Cost is $25 for plenty of food and a chance to rub elbows with old friends, family and local martial arts greats. The “Gung-Fu Geezers Club” Members, childhood friends, and training partners GM’s Douglas Wong, Carl Totton, Cliff Stewart, Tommy Chan, and Wilson Quan are usually in attendance, along with many others as their schedules open up.

Training Camp begins on Monday the 27th, and as always we train in the evening to allow sightseeing and vacationing during the day for those who bring their family with them.  University members will wear the appropriate University uniform and belt, with no rank stripes allowed by anyone in attendance. 
Dinner & a Movie Night” is still in effect for one day of the week, and we have a spot that I’m sure will satisfy everyone. Training cost are unchanged at $625 + Movie Ticket for those that choose to attend the Camp portion. Sunday Dinner is a separate $25 at the door, and movie night dinner is also separate. This year we will run a series of workshop groups to ensure everyone works at their own level and to push the envelope on the material for newer students, and curriculum for instructors. 
Bring your video cameras and take lots of notes.

Those interested in making information or to make a reservation may make contact at msuacf.com, or docchapel@gmail.com or call (213) 506-1027 – (213) 506-7295. I look forward to seeing everyone. Put it on your calendar, make your plans now, and pass the word.

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