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On Certifications

Instructor & Intern Certifications

  • Because certain divisions of the Martial Science of SubLevel Kenpo and American Chúan-Fa and the codification of all its inclusive elements are a work in progress, continuing education is mandated for a current certification.
  • Teaching certifications are granted based on the currency of the student in the latest material within the calendar year, and only at the level of competency. There does not exist any permanent status other than “uncertified, expired, or emeritus.” No one has permanent teaching authority.
  • Some have chosen to participate in a broad spectrum of SubLevel Kenpo and American Chúan-Fa elements, while not teaching the strict curriculum that supports system belt promotions from the central school.
  • Some senior students have ceased being current, but still train in their most current information regularly with no desire to teach.
  • No one person has promotion authority in any related discipline, and all MSU diplomas of all ranks are only issued at the discretion and with the authority of the board of examiners from the main school in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. and signed by the most senior staff members. All numerical ranks are considered “honorary.”

Names shall be added, deleted and status changed as necessary. Send an email addressed to the attention of the “MSU Dean of Instruction,” info@msuacf.com for the current certification status of any listed or unlisted participants.