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Rod Perez

Dean of Instruction

Professor Rod Perez has been a student of Dr. Chapél’s since 1996 and currently holds the rank of 6th Degree Black Belt, “Master of the Arts” and has been awarded the title of “Associate Professor”. He is one of Dr. Chapél’s senior students and routinely assists him with teaching, both in regular classes at the Martial Science University (MSU), and at national and international lectures. These include numerous trips to the United Kingdom and Ireland, both as an assistant to Dr. Chapél and as the principle teacher in his own seminars.

Professor Perez initially began training in Motion Kenpo under Mike Sanford in 1995 in the Larry tatum Lineage, having moved to Los Angeles from his home country of El Salvador in 1988.  Shortly thereafter in 1996, he met Dr. Chapél and became fascinated by the detailed scientific methodology of SubLevel Four Kenpo Concepts. He immediately made the switch to Martial Science and has never looked back.

A graphic designer by profession, Professor Perez is also responsible for artwork at the MSU, having designed the intricate logo on the “Home” section of this website as part of his black belt thesis for 5th degree black belt.