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Mission Statement

“Integrity Through Excellence”

Our mission statement is a simple motto. It embodies the essence of the existence of the Martial Science University Family. Simply put, we exist to perpetuate the good name and works of our progenitor, Mr. Ed Parker Sr. as well as all the many facets of the martial sciences, not just Ed Parker’s public teachings of his commercial works.

With the Martial Science University, American Chúan Fa we have chosen to explore Mr. Parker’s creation through to its many advanced concepts. It is not our desire to “traditionalize” his work, but by Ed Parker’s own wish, take it to new levels of proficiency. By doing this, we raise his works to the level of the true science he envisioned and performed, while maintaining humane, reasonable, and ethical martial applications as we were taught.

Others have made a choice to stay within the context of Mr. Parker’s published commercial works. Something Ed Parker himself didn’t do. We have chosen to move in the direction Mr. Parker himself was pursuing. We are very fortunate Mr. Parker taught, and pointed the way for our Executive International Director, who has taken on this extremely monumental task to move the science further into the future for all Martial Science University Students regardless of style or discipline.

Although by no means an easy road, we feel our motto, when used as a guide, will keep us moving in a moral and ethical direction. Simply stated, we derive our excellence by maintaining our integrity in the teaching process, as well as in the pursuit of the science. Our standards are uncompromising. Our integrity is fueled by our demand for excellence. Therefore, one feeds off the other and, insure the existence of the whole. This is important if we are not to become a shell or shadow of Mr. Parker’s dream of a true Martial Science.

In doing this, we will bring only the best of the science to all who would abide by the strict principles and guidelines necessary for excellence and study, and will always strive to maintain it. We will do what Mr. Parker could not do in his desire to spread a form of his art around the world. We will reject those who do not have the work ethic, desire, mantle or physical capacity to study and execute a true physical science. Some may be accepted, but many will be rejected. In the real world, not everyone can be elite or even good. We have a line we have drawn for furtherance of the sciences. All others, I’m afraid, will have to be spectators of what we do if they can’t meet these standards.