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Steve DeLollis -Headshot Sept '14Steve DeLollis received his Bachelor of Science degree from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. He worked for several years as a mechanical and pyrotechnic special effects technician in Los Angeles, Ca. He has worked as a FX Technician on many notable films including Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, the Halloween Series, and more.

He has worked in technical services at USA Films, and as a post-production supervisor at Focus Features. He later went on to become a full-time touring, recording and teaching professional drummer. This led to Steve starting his own business. Steve designed, co-owns and operates Creative Music Rooms, Inc., a high-end music rehearsal facility in West Los Angeles.

Steve began his martial arts training while at university, where he earned a green belt in Shotokan Karate. His self-defense training began in earnest when he joined the Martial Science University in 2003, where he has earned advanced degrees as a Black Belt student of Dr. Chapél, and continues to train and teach.