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Steve Zalazowski, Sr.

Steve Zalazowski, Sr.Online Director and Senior Administrator

Steve Zalazowski received his Bachelor of Science in Professional Sales & Management in 2011 from Bellevue University. For the last decade plus, he has worked in the cellular industry in various capacities and as of 2014 in the Information Technology End User Support roles to support the company. He has owned and operated United Martial Arts Self Defense Academy (UMASDA), in Monterey Bay, CA since 2005; in keeping with the mission of the organization the company achieved 501C3 Non-Profit status as an educational corporation dedicated to Research and Development and Instruction of Self Defense methods.

In 2004 Steve began corresponding with Dr. Chapél of the Martial Science University, becoming accepted as a student in 2006. In 2015 he was given his current MSU position of Online Director and Senior Administrator with responsibilities including development and management of the online presence for MSU as well as the implementation of a collegiate-modeled online learning system with worldwide communication capabilities.

Steve has studied martial arts formally since 1998, earning multiple black belt level degrees in various styles & systems. He was asked by a group of students to form what would eventually become the school known as United Martial Arts Self Defense Academy (a subsidiary of UMASDA, Inc., a CA 501C3 Non-Profit Corporation) in 2005, and continues to serve UMASDA and parent organization as Executive Director and Senior Teacher with final accountability for all performance metrics and coursework development.